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Utah Group Events at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort
The Big Event
Youth Group Event at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort

We specialize in Youth and Church Groups at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort. We offer Tent Camping, Bunkhouses, and enough activities and nearby recreational areas to keep your group busy for the duration of the event. We are centrally located on the border between Piute and Sevier Counties, on Historic Heritage Highway 89. Please see the Mileage and Distance Chart further down on this page for more information. 

Planning a Group Event can be frustrating, and we are here to help make it simple, easy and enjoyable. There are basically 3 Steps to get started, and we have included a Group Event Request Form to make this easy. Once you submit the form, you will receive an email with more information about pricing, camping locations, and availiablity. 

  • Choose Your Lodging Type
  • Choose Your Activities
  • Choose Your Dates
Camping and Lodging

Lodging Choices at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort include Cabins, Inn Suites, RV Park, Tent Camping and Bunkhouses. The majority of Youth Groups choose Tent Camping and Bunkhouses, and sometimes add a Inn Suite or Cabin for some leaders. 


This is a large open area just north of the RV Park. It has a covered pavillon, fire pit, and portapotty. This area will hold anywhere from 20-60 people.


These bunkhouses are wooden buildings with 15 bunk beds in each one, there are 3 bunkhouses. We do not mix groups in the bunkhouses, so even if you had only 20 people and needed only 2 bunkhouses, we would block off the 3rd one so you would not have other groups in the bunkhouses next to you. Because the bunkhouses are the most popular camping option, we do require a minimum of 25 people to book the bunkhouses. If you would like the bunkhouses but have less than 25 people, we would require that you pay for 25 people per night. The bunkhouses are located next to Group Tent Area 2, and if you book the bunkhouses, we do NOT book any other groups in Group Tent Area 2. When you book the bunkhouses, you also have the use of  covered cooking area with a counter, water spigot, electric outlet, and fire pit.


This is located next to the Bunkhouses. It can be booked with or without the bunkhouses. There is a covered cooking area with a counter, water spigot, electric outlet, and fire pit here, this may be used by any group renting either the Group Tent Area 2 or the Bunkhouses. Like the bunkhouse policy, if someone rents Group Tent Area 2, we do not rent out the bunkhouses to another group. If someone rents the bunkhouses, we do not rent this group tent area to another group. This area will hold up to 30 people in tents.


This is a large area on the east side of the River, it will hold up to 200+ people. It is a large open area, it  is NOT a grassy area.. Portapotties are provided on location when this area is booked. To access this area you take the road just north of Big Rock Candy Mountain and go over the bridge.


This is a large grassy area located between RV Spaces 25-28 and the River. This area will hold approximately 30-40 people in various sized tents. The shower house building is just past this area, with showers and restrooms. If you have a larger group, we will also include the Area behind/beside the Shower House shown on the map

Tent and Bunkhouse Policies

  • Group Tent Camping and Bunkhouses are only available for groups who are participating in at least 1 Activity. Activity 
  • Choices are Float Trips, Whitewater Rafting, Canopy Zipline, Ropes Course, or Adventure Mountain. 
  • Group Tent Camping and Bunkhouses must be booked for a minimum of 2 nights.
  • Group Tent Camping and Bunkhouses are available for groups of 20 or more only.
  • Tent Camping and Bunkhouses are $5 per person, per night
utah river trips
utah zip lines
utah ziplines

Activities available include River Trips, Ropes Courses, Ziplines, and Survival Challenges. Several Recreational Areas are located in the area also. 


Whitewater Rafting-$32.95 ages 10 and under, $39.95 ages over 10

Class II and III Rapids, Approximately 2 hours start to finish, Approximately 7 miles from departure to take out, History of the Marysvale Area, Great Views of the Sevier River and surrounding areas, Great for individuals, and groups of all sizes, Great for all ages from 5 to 102.

Lazy River Float Trips-$10

Approximately 3 miles-2 hour River Trip, Unguided Adventure, Take your time and relax, Choose a Raft that holds up to 14 people (depending on number of kids and adults), or Paddleboards (Stand up or Sit Down Paddling), Tubes, or a combination of vessel types. Great Views of the Sevier River and surrounding areas, Great for individuals, and groups of all sizes, Great for ages 3 and older


Adventure Mountain-Zipline-$31

Adventure Mountain with Zipline is a multi-activity adventure. It is located at the Deer Creek Rest Area, approximately 1 mile south of Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort on Hwy 89. Participants register and pay at the Tour Desk in the Convenience Store and then drive themselves to the activity.First, cross a Suspension Bridge to Adventure Mountain, being careful to keep your feet on the wooden planks and your weight evenly balanced. Next, traverse your way around and up the mountain, using a series of hand and footholds in the mountain (you’ll be wearing a harness attached to a safety cable of course!), until you reach the top. Once at the top, hold on for your 400′ zipline to the bottom! This activity is based on the Via Ferrata model, an Italian word that means ‘road with irons’.

Canopy Zipline-$31

The Canopy Zipline is located approximately 1/8 of a mile from the Convenience Store at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort. Participants register and pay at the Tour Counter in the Convenience Store, and the walk to the activity area.This activity is a series of 8 lines that go from platform to platform, back and forth through the trees, and across the Sevier River. Ziplines range in length from 85′-300′ and provide a fun and challenging activity for individuals and groups. You start this activity by climbing a ladder to the first platform, and then zip from station to station until you get to the final station and then descend back down to ground level. Fast and fun, this activity will give you bird’s eye views of the surrounding mountains, canyons and the Sevier River. Wave to the Rafters you’ll see passing by!

Ropes Course-$31

This Utah Ropes Course includes elements that will challenge participants to work as a team, while also encouraging individual confidence. Participants will challenge themselves and others as they take on each element. The Ropes Course is located next to Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort, in the same area as the Canopy Ziplines, approximately 1/8 of a mile from the Convenience Store. Participants check in and pay at the Tour Desk in the Convenience Store and then walk to the activity area. Activities include swinging from tire to tire, climbing a swinging ladder, scaling a wood wall, trust walk wire challenge, log walk, balance beams, and more. Two of the newest challenges include a Tightrope River Crossing, and a Suspension Bridge River Crossing, back and forth over the Sevier River.

Survival Challenge-$31

The course will give you the basic tools that will allow you to survive in this truly amazing environment, and more importantly the mind-set that is needed to get out alive. The course will encompass all the main priorities for survival- Protection, Rescue, Water and Food with some high adrenaline self-rescue too.

NOTE ON PRICING: Prices above are individual prices. We have group rates available for 2, 3 and 4 Activity Combo Packages.

If you prefer to talk to someone about your Group Event, you may call 866-999-9961 between 8 am and 6 pm PST. We encourage you to FIRST Submit the Group Event Request Form because it will make the process simpler when we can look at your requirements, dates, etc..

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